Our mission:

No more uninspiring, empty white walls.

We want you to experience the impact that artful, analog photography can have on your souls & minds. Filling your spaces with photographs will change something.

If not everything.

Pia Clodi - Founder (a) GALLERY


I still love shooting analog and I don’t mind to wait for the pictures to come back from the lab. Most good things - especially the soulful ones take time, so does a good photograph.

There is also the voice of the camera itself, every single one makes a different sound and it so cool to “hear” that you have just taken a photo. The way it slows you down - you start to think very differently when you shoot in 16 frames. You become more conscious of what you REALLY want to say and less distracted.

I’d be very happy if we could inspire some more analog adventures with (a) GALLERY. There is a lot you can learn about the art of photography by picking up an analog camera.



Townhouse Nora

The Artists Hideaway

Boutique Hotel Mozart



The most resistant element is neither cement, nor wood, nor stone, nor steel, nor glass. The most resistant material in construction is art.” ————GIÒ PONTI